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Dog Grooming Tips For Your Chow Chow


Dog Grooming Tips For Your Chow Chow

Written By: Michael Hrynewich
Date: 04/21/2015

In keeping with their self-assured temperament, Chows are a breed that truly likes to stay clean. While there are exceptions, most very much enjoy the dog grooming process. While clipping the coat of a Chow can actually be damaging to the two layers of its naturally dense coat, regular weekly dog grooming is what keeps the breed free from mats and tangles.

Regular dog grooming also builds a stronger bond an owner and their Chow, something that is quite necessary for this breed’s temperament. Dogs love the feeling of good massage and the dog grooming process is a perfect time.

It is often recommended that grooming be done twice weekly with a good stiff bristled dog brush and dog combs. Some find applying a coat dressing keeps static to a minimum and helps thoroughly condition the coat.

Because of their special thick coat, wet bathing should take place only when needed, or not more than once per month. In fact, applying a dry dog shampoo is the most recommended method of upkeep for this breed. When it is time to bathe your Chow, use only dog grooming supplies specifically formulated for your pooch, such as dog shampoo and conditioner; human products have a different Ph and will cause skin irritations.

The Chow is a breed that has at least two periods of heavy shedding. Spring and fall are two times of year that will offer the heaviest shed. Using a FURminator dog shampoo coupled with the FURminator dog brush will significantly reduce the hair left behind.

While it may seem their heavy coat would be uncomfortable for summer, shaving the breed is highly looked down upon as it not only takes away the dogs natural defenses, it can also lead to sunburned skin.

The recommended course of action is to be sure all dead hair is groomed out of the natural coat. With the Chow, it is always important to brush down to the skin. Otherwise, dirt, debris, and moisture can become trapped in the hair, which then kinks up causing bothersome skin problems.

Dog grooming should fun everyone involved and especially necessary for the Chow; not only for his or her thick coat but for their personality as well. Use the right dog grooming supplies and you will enjoy the beautiful thick coat of your Chow. As part of your dog grooming process be sure to brush your dogs teeth, they are just as susceptible to the same mouth diseases as humans.



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