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If you are first time customer with Seashore pet spa, Please bring Rabies shot record prior to first groom appoinment or call us  949-424-9823


  • DOGS

        Bath includes:
        • Choice of Oatmeal, Hypo, botanical yucca royal shampoo and conditional bath , hand fluff drying, brush out, ear cleaning and plucking, nail clipping, and anal glands expression

        Bath and Cut includes:
        • Choice of Oatmeal, Hypo, botanical yucca royal shampoo and conditional bath, hand fluff drying, brush out, ear cleaning and plucking, nail clipping, anal glands expression and clipper cut with a hand scissor finish 

       Our Oatmeal Shampoo is smoothes, relieve itching, irritation, and inflammation on your pet's skin. Also restoring the             naturl oils  to coats and skin while removing dander and dandruff.

       Hypo Shampoo is superior cleaning while being free of of perfume and dye. Perfect for allergy prone people and pets.

       Botanical Royal Yucca Shampoo helps improve hair strength, add body and shine ,Helps prevent greasy hair and   dandruff and relief of bacteria & fungal reated problem. Perfect to use for everyday general shampoo.

SPA Upgrades

    Specialty shampoos & Treatments
    We offer the highest quality of all-natural & organic shampoos and conditioners to treat your pet.  Add just $7-15 to any treatment package of your choice.

  •  De-shed Treatment $10-15
  •  Itch relief Treatment $7-15
  •  Flea Shampoo $ 7
  •  Skunk Shampoo $7-10
  •  Aloe Deep Conditional $5-15: (like hot oil treatment)
  • Exfoliating & Hydrating Treatment $ 10-15 : Includes a Dandruff shampoo, Pomegranate & Acai Hydrating Butter treatment

  • Deep cleaning paw Fizz treatment $10:  Deep cleans paw while smoothes & moisturize and finishes w/ oil massage (Deep cleansing and sanitizes the feet and paws. It helps to fight & eliminate fungus, bacteria and germs. This treatment also conditions and brighten the natural color of the nails, softens and replenishes the moisture in the paws.)


  •  Nail Clipping $ 10  Nail Dremel is $ 5 more extra w/ nail cliping service
  •  Teeth Brushing $ 7 
  •  Ear Cleaning $10
  •  Anal Gland Expression $15

   $25 pawdicure package for  choices of 3 services (Nail clipping, Teeth brushing, Ear cleaning, Anal gland)

    Face, Feet trim w/ Bath: $10 bath

    Price quoted above assumed that your pet’s coat is in good condition and is not matted.
    Price may be higher depending on size, type of breed, coat condition.

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